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Budget Friendly, Great Deals, Cheap - er Vacation Rentals on Maui

On a tight budget and want to book a great vacation rental property on Maui? Try Maui Owner Condos! Search through our fantastic selection of budget minded and cheap - er holiday homes on Hawaii's Valley Isle. Inexpensive vrbo & airbnb rental type properties on Maui are hard to find. They get snapped up quickly but we've made searching easier with our "budget-friendly" filter to help Maui travelers find exactly what they want and need.

Ekahi 36D

Wailea Ekahi Village

Ekahi 31B

Wailea Ekahi Village

Maui Kamaole A-105

Maui Kamaole

Ekahi 16B

Wailea Ekahi Village

Haleakala Shores B308

Haleakala Shores

Ekahi 42E

Wailea Ekahi Village

Ekahi 48E....15% DISCOUNT

Wailea Ekahi Village

5A - 2 Minute Walk to the beach/main pool, well-equipped, see reviews!

Wailea Ekahi Village

Ekahi 9D In Lower Village

Wailea Ekahi Village

Ekahi 33A Maui Rendezvous

Wailea Ekahi Village

Kamaole Sands 10-211

Kamaole Sands

Kai Nani 218

Kihei Kai Nani

Kam Sands 7-209

Kamaole Sands

Kamaole Sands 8-211

Kamaole Sands

Kamaole Sands 10-401

Kamaole Sands

Budget Vacation Rentals on Maui

We have a great selection of properties for the budget minded. Remember, hosts often rent Maui budget rentals with a minimum night stay. Check with the advertising host to see what their individual policy is.

For Budget Stays - Calculate the Price Per Person Per Night

Larger capacity homes can rent for $900 a night which may not sound cheap but if you look at the price per person it's a great way to save big!

For example: $900 per night for a property that sleeps 12 works out to just $75 for each guest per night. On Maui, that price is epic!

Nightly rentals of cheaper Maui vacation properties can be found more easily in the low season, shoulder seasons or with monthly longer stay units. Whether you are looking for a beach property or a condo within a 10 minute walk from the beach or on a golf course, MOC has an excellent selection for you.

Is Maui a good place to rent Cheaper Vacation Rentals?

Maui Owner Condos Budget Properties

Maui has a HUGE variety of holiday property types. Whether you are looking for a low rise condo rental in a gated community with multiple amenities like a pool, pickle ball or hot tub or searching for a high occupancy home that can fit a crowd but at a reasonable price or a condo in high rise with nothing but ocean views ... the Valley Isle has it all. Maui Owner Condos (MOC) is your traveler gateway to finding your dream holiday home within a budget.

MOC has hundreds of cheaper properties if you are on a budget to choose from. Don't expect to pay less than you would for an accommodation in your hometown though. With demand at its peak it's on a small island with fewer properties it is reasonable to plan to pay more than you would in your local region.

How do I rent a cheaper vacation rental in Florida?

Budget Vacation Rental Information

There are an abundance of areas throughout our island that are perfect to find a cheaper vacation rental for your holiday. If you are searching for high season dates we recommend lowering your search criteria to open up more options. For example: try searching for properties that are not beach front - most have great ocean views and are walkable from the beach. 

Also, widening your search for areas that are off the beaten path offers great budget-minded rentals at lower rental rates. Less demand usually equals lower rents. Try searching a town like Mahalaea or Kihei rather than a resort like Wailea or Kapalua. Maui is not a large island, and it's fun to explore.

Typical Stay Periods - Budget Maui Rentals

Cheaper vacation homes can be rented as follows depending on the area of the city (zone) and the host's preference.

  • nightly
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • seasonally (3 months or longer)
  • Typical Turnover Day

Depending on the area cheaper Maui rentals offer turnover dates that vary by host and by location. Filling in a "hole" in a host's rental calendar can often bring you a lower rate.

What is the average nightly rate for a cheap vacation rental on Maui?

Budget Vacation Rentals Price Information

Low range from $100 per night

High range from $900 per night for larger capacity homes

Lower pricing is usually associated with properties that require a longer stay

Maui Budget Vacation Rentals Booking Window

The best budget-minded vacation rentals book at least 12 months to a year and a half in advance. Budget minded travelers know to book their favorite homes well in advance in order to secure lower pricing. Plan ahead to book your favorite budget rental!

Budget Vacation Rental Guest Retention

Visitors that love to escape for a sunny holiday often get hooked on the best that the state has to offer and return annually. From the beaches to golf course resorts and luxe condo-hotels a traveler can find exactly what they are looking for one year and experience something completely different the following year. Demand is extremely high with snowbirds and digital nomads that work in tropical locales without a home base as well as seasonal visitors so we recommend booking as early as you can!

What are the best times of the year to book a cheaper vacation rental on Maui?

High Season for Budget Vacation Rentals

High Season - Mid October Thru April including all Major U.S. Holidays

Holiday Season (Mid Dec - Mid Jan) often has rates much higher than other dates during this time frame. High Season runs from mid-October when the whales arrive straight through to the end of April when spring breaks end and the whales leave Maui to return to Alaska, including all major U.S. holidays.  During this time, it is common for hosts and managers to rent their properties within a night of another reservation or with minimum night stay requirements. It's a good idea to use our group calendar view to improve your results.

You can expect to pay the highest rates during the Holiday Season running Mid Dec - Mid Jan. High rates continue through to the third week of April where prices of larger homes and ocean front condo properties can cost well over $900 per night as well as all holiday weeks. For those looking for Budget rentals - move away from the beach and look to fill holes in a calendar.

On Maui, High season can also run through the summer months of June, July and August. This is where you can find travelers from southern states like Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina who are escaping to Maui for cooler climates and longer stays that school vacations in summer provide.

Low Season for  Maui Budget Vacation Rentals

Low Season - May-Mid October

Low Season for budget vacation rentals runs from May- Mid October excluding holidays. This is the best time to book a holiday villa or condo at the lowest prices of the year. 

Where can I find a Monthly Maui Vacation Rental on a Budget?

Maui Budget Vacation Rentals for Monthly Stays - Digital Nomads and Snowbird Rentals

With home buying options out of reach for many, some people are opting to work away from their offices in tropical locations like Maui. Snowbirds and Digital Nomad travelers looking for monthly and seasonal rental options should choose the filter specifically for monthly Maui vacation rentals. 

Where can I find a cheaper Maui  Rentals that allow pets?

Maui Budget Rentals that Allow Pets

Finding a vacation rental that allows pets, much less with amenities like a fenced yard, on Maui is tricky. Combine that with a tight budget it's even harder to find. It is easier to bring a pet to Maui without quarantine restrictions than in the past but very few vacation rentals for short stays will accept pets. On Maui Owner Condos you can search budget rentals and then pick a filter for Pet Friendly rentals. 

Where can I find a Cheap Vacation Rental that allows Weddings or Events?

Maui Budget Vacation Rentals that Allow Weddings and Special Events

Finding a budget - friendly vacation rental on Maui that permits events and weddings can be elusive. A larger budget-minded house is the ideal option to fit a larger group interested in celebrating a destination wedding, special event or simply a family reunion. Condo Resorts will often have options for rentals near each other and a location on property that can accommodate group events for up to 30.  It's important for a guest to check the municipal noise ordinances with the host to understand what limitations you may have in your vacation rental. Parking ordinances are also something to consider which may limit parking at private residences. If you do rent a rental property for your special occasion be sure to abide by the rules and ask your host about restrictions. You don't want the sheriff to show up and spoil the fun. 

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