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MOC helps our members navigate their professional Maui vacation rental business successfully. Each owner on MOC makes their own business decisions. We do not dictate  policies but do require they be published so the traveler can easily find them and make their own decision. Caring and proactive individuals, most of whom actually live in the condo when they are on island, many of our owners enjoy lots of repeat renters who appreciate the honesty and integrity of "their" owner and the very special accommodations they offer.

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About the MOC Ohana

The Maui Owner Condos website offers a simple alternative to get more rental inquiries targeted to Maui vacation rentals. Everything is possible from simply syncing your calendar with other listing sites to a full integration with many CMS providers and the the Gorillas like VRBO and Air BnB.

Hosting requires commitment and involvement. Our members form a true Ohana and keep costs down by sharing our knowledge and resources with each other. Hosts can help market their property and expand the reach of Maui Owner Condos by getting the word out about this website via conversations with friends, mentions on social media, posts in travel forums, email signature lines and newsletters to guests, etc. More resource and hosting info can be found, in your owner dashboard once you are registered.

Most of our Hosts are owners who want to share the properties they live in part time. They are knowledgable about their homes, involved and caring in the rental process and look forward to sharing their home and island knowledge with renters. Each home will offer a unique experience.

Account Settings

Go to the "Member Login" button on the upper right corner of the website. Once logged in, click on the "Profile" tab - you can make all changes necessary.

All inquiries will be sent to the primary holder's account. Secondary inquiry notifications can be set up to send to a different email address as well by clicking on "Listings>General Info" and entering the details in the Secondary Notification Email box.

Booking Fees

No! We are a membership-based Directory with a flat annual fee. You choose the level of membership based on the amount oof exposure you want for your property. We DO NOT CHARGE RENTERS a fee for the use of our website eitheer.

We provide our advertising service funded by our member owners' dues and some advertising. We doo not believe renters should be the ones to fund our site. We don't have shareholders nor do we make huge profits. Membership fees go right back to advertising and website upgrades. We operate like an Ohana (family) and are dedicated to helping all experience the ALOHA offered on Maui.

Business License & Taxes

Yes, Renting your Maui condo means you need a business license you need to display it in your home too. An application and instructions can be found on the State of Hawaii DOT website. Use the link below

State of Hawaii Basic Business License Packet & Instructions

It is required you pay General Excise (GE), Transient Accommodations (TA)  & Maui County Transient Accommodation (MCTA) taxes on moneys you collect associated with your rental.

These must now be paid on line every month or sometimes less depending on how much income you receive. This includes rates, cleaning fees and other fees a renter must pay in order to stay in your property.  You can pass these taxes on to the renter. It is your responsibility to be aware of State and Local requirements. The links below should give you much of the info needed.

Yes, Once you join MOC you will be given access to many owner resources that should make your job as a vacation rental owner easier. We also alert you to pending legislation and requirements of current legislation. You are responsible for understanding and implementing all Federal, State and County requirements but we help with tips and links to government websites explaining the requirements.

Condo/Property Eligibility

The owner of any legal vacation rental on Maui may register and notify us they would like to list. If the Resort is not in our Database we are happy to add it if at least 3 properties are available to be listed. We would prefer if you have multiple properties that all be listed with us but this is not required. As for all directories, you many not link out to a website advertising properties that are not also on our website.

Each county in Hawaii has the right to determine their own rules for what property can be vacation rental or STRH (Short Term Rental Home). This is done thru zoning. Rental complexes (resorts) in Hotel Districts are zoned for vacation rentals and do not need special permits. Others have been "grandfathered" in via Minatoya.

A Community Built on Sharing: began in 2000 when two owners decided to build a site that would allow owners who wanted to manage & rent out their own properties to get the word out about their properties & allow renters to avoid the higher rates charged by professional managers. Today our boutique, targeted website enables others to book unique accommodations anywhere on Maui. Our Ohana of caring owners shares resources and supports each other.

Trusted Services: helps make renting directly from an owner easy, enjoyable and safe. We don't accept every listing. We first confirm ownership with Maui County, insure the accommodation is a legal Maui Rental and physically inspect each property making suggestions for improvements when needed and insuring the uniqueness and superior condition of each condo. Our partnership with insures a secure payment platform with many options.

24/7 Customer Support:

Whether traveling or hosting, we're here for you before, during and after your experience. We've answered the most common questions about in our Help Center and for everything else you can contact us.


Renters will contact you through your MOC property listing. When a traveler sends an inquiry a host member will receive it in their email Inbox as well as their MOC dashboard. Follow the directions on the inquiry email to answer the traveler, or within the owner/host dashboard. 

Text message notifications can also be set up in a host's profile and may be subject to additional charges by the cell phone provider.

Note: Travelers who submit any url links in the inquiry will be blocked from the communication sent to the host. This is to avoid any spam, mis-use or potential fraud that may occur as a result of a host clicking on a suspect url link.

Yes. Text message notifications must be configured and set up within a member's profile in order to be received. Text message notifications are only to advise hosts that they have an email inquiry waiting for them to respond to and can not be replied to by text. To configure your SMS messaging go to your Host Dashboard, click the "Settings" tab and enter the details in the SMS TEXT ALERT field.


All owners agree to our inspection ($60) of their property. Passing the inspection is required to have the listing accepted on The inspection fee is in addition to dues. Full rate info is available in the WHY LIST with us page.

During an inspection we look at maintenance and upkeep issues, outfitting & supplies provided to the guests, upgrades and remodel info, decorating and the location on the property. We provide input to owners after an inspection for ways we feel they can improve on the rentability of their property.

Not being remodelled will not prevent a property from being listed as long as the listing photos and info provide an accurate picture of the accommodation. Poor maintenance and outfitting issues will prevent us from accepting a listing. An inspection form is provided in our Owner area.

Listing Details

You have full access to your listing 24 hours a day. You can modify any portion of your listing at any time, including the images. To make changes simply click on the "Sign In" login button on the upper right corner of the website. Once logged in, click the "Listings" tab and "Property Details" on the listing you wish to change.

The MOC Host dashboard is very user-friendly and simple to understand. There is additional Support information tab within the dashboard with helpful details. Please use the "Sign In" link to access your profile and modify your listing. If you require help with changes or photos, please see other questions in this FAQ. If you need further assistance or video tutorials please contact customer service.

Currently you can upload the following images based on your subscription level.

Classic - 20 photos

Silver - 25 photos

Gold - 50 photos

Platinum - 50 photos

To upload photos to your listing, login to your Host Dashboard. Navigate to the property you wish to upload photos to under the "Listings" tab and press the "Details" button and click "Photos and Video" on the left menu bar.

You can select or drag photos from your computer to your property. Hosts can change photos any time, as often as they wish.

Note: All photos must be owned by you, the host, or you must have written permission to use them. Any photos that are copyrighted material, used without permission must be communicated directly to the host. The host is required to remove them. If the host fails to remove the copyrighted material please send us a detailed message through our Contact Us page for assistance.

Photos must not contain any watermark, logo, or text in order for us to promote and market your rentals.

Load up to a maximum of 10 photos at a time. Maximum size of photos should be no more than 2MB. Larger photos will be slow to upload.

Potential guests want to see large, high-resolution photos. It helps them trust the property description and greatly improves the performance of the listing. We recommend hosts invest in professional photography for the best results.

The uploaded images should be;

At least 1132 pixels wide x 768 pixels high

All photos should be a horizontal point of view

Vertical images are not viewable in full length

No Text or Watermarks on the photos

Upload up to 10 photos at a time

If you are currently trying to upload your photos, you may use the drag and drop option or the Upload button. Select photos that are saved on your computer to be transferred to our website.

If you choose the Upload Button, click on the Browse button for a dialog box and navigate until you find the image file you want to upload within your computer. Click on the file, then click Open. Wait while the file is uploaded from your computer to your FLARBO property listing photo gallery. The screen will not change until the transfer is complete. If the file is large or your connection is slow, this step could take several minutes.

If you are having trouble mass uploading your large photos you may need to upload less than 10 at a time.

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