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Comparison Pricing for Hosts

What rates do you pay to your listing websites when you get a booking? Why pay a percentage of your booking income to an advertising website? List your condo for a full year with our annual membership fee and pay one fixed subscription membership rate for unlimited bookings.

Choose from our annual subscription level membership options and pay NO ADDITIONAL FEES on any bookings generated from the website.

Vacation Rental Booking Site Rate Comparison Chart

We have created this Vacation Rental Booking Site - Comparison Chart showing prices and costs to list your short term rental home on different booking website platforms. It should help your decision making when it comes to where you can best utilize your advertising dollar

In the chart below you can see the owner profit based on a 1 week booking of $400/nights on the advertising or booking platform they use. It's pretty obvious that is the best opportunity to maximize your vacation rental business.

A typical 1-bedroom Maui vacation rental with an average nightly rental rate of $400 and just 70% occupancy would gross $102,200 annually. A host with half of their bookings deriving from a Book Direct platform like Maui Owner Condos can save anywhere up to $10,700+ depending on the online travel agency platform the host is currently using. Matt here at MOC is a good example of why #bookdirect works. 99% of his bookings come from MOC or his personal website. His average occupancy is about 80%, so in the example above he is saving $20,000/yr per condo by forgoing the big listing sites.

pricing comparison chart for hosts

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Choose your ideal subscription plan tailored to fit every budget. Whether you prefer the Classic or Platinum Annual Subscription, or something in between, each tier is designed with distinctive features to elevate your property's visibility, ensuring a surge in booking inquiries. Let us help you find the perfect match for your needs!

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