We all long to welcome our guests back to Maui

But for now, Governor Ige and Mayor Victorino have asked us all to wait a while before returning. When non essential travel is again allowed, don't rule out Beautiful Hawaii  - even if a quarantine is still mandated. IF you have the time, you can relax, get a lot of work or family time done in a gorgeous setting and plan your own vacation when you can again roam.

Update June 2, 2020:  Hawaii is now in ACT with CARE which means non essential travel is allowed and accommodations are allowed to open but quarantines are still in place into at least July. Currently Maui approves ONLY HOTELS for stays by those being required to quarantine.

Update Sept 16, 2020:  Beginning October 15, 2020 all travelers from in or out of state can skip quarantine if they get a valid COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their trip, and show proof of a negative test result at the airport

At this time, the Governor is giving us in the Vacation Rental industry  an opportunity to test our new cleaning methods, standards & updated condo amenities, designed to insure the health and safety of our staff and guests, and the island by hosting those Kama'aina and others not subject to quarantine. Fines are heavy and enforced. Each county can add restrictions but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We expect more guidance from Maui County soon.

Maui is perfect for a longer stay

Hawaii is actually a very safe place to be and even with a 14 day quarantine can offer a peaceful setting to work and relax in while waiting to emerge from Quarantine. Our owners have always had rigorous cleaning standards and now we are helping them with info from professionals on how to insure staff, visitors and our homes will remain safe.  

We all have WIFI and fast internet. Many of us have printers and even filing cabinets, staplers, desks or tables on the lanai.  Work in sunshine or shade. Listen to the waves crash on the beach, wind in the palms or birds singing nearby while you work.  Take time off look around you and enjoy.  Bring the family and take a larger space - the kids can do school work, play old fashioned family games together, read books so you can id the fish and flowers when your 14 days is over.  

Many owners are offering tools from exercise equipment, restaurants providing food delivery, videos and online education to resources for private tours, hikes, photography, painting, and much more. Plan the island trips and activities you want to do when quarantine ends, during the early days. Learn to make your own lei and dance hula. 


Come back - watch this space as we add resources we have found.

$250 gift Certificate for Groceries (includes free delivery during quarantine)

Guided hikes for the family

How to shorline fish