Welcome "home" to MAUI!!  A very Safe place to be. 

In Hawaii we are fortunate to have had an extremely low COVID-19 experience in our population.  The testing and quarantine measures in place for travelers and our low incidence of the virus make the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 while here much lower than most other places and make Hawaii a very safe place to be. We encourage Guests & Staff to show their Aloha and follow safe practices to help us maintain this record.
We want you to know the extra steps we have taken in our covid-19 cleaning process to insure your Maui home is a safe haven.  During the course of the pandemic, each of our units will have info on safety measures for our guests. The enhanced cleaning procedures suggested below are guidelines we have presented to our member owners to aid them & their staff in decision making. Each owner operates their own business. We do not dictate but do keep them informed.  Keeping our team and guests safe is a primary concern for us all.
We are proactive owners of private apartments, condos & villas that many of us occupy ourselves part of the year. Mālama (to care for or to serve in the Hawaiian Language) is a deep seeded value we all extend to our guests.  We are not large hotels with many visitors passing through. We have always had a high standard for cleaning our homes. With the onset of COVID-19 and following the advice of the Hawaii Department of Health, CDC, WHO and EPA we  have enhanced a few of our cleaning process to insure a safe environment for our staff and visitors. Our processes will continue to be reassessed using the most current guidelines and information on how the virus spreads. 
Many of you have chosen a Short Term (Transient) Vacation Rental over a Hotel because of the extra space, home like feel, kitchen facilities and added privacy. In addition we have a lower environmental footprint than hotels, use less resources, water, & electricity. We don’t demand the volume of guests that large hotels require and the money spent stays local. You help support our local economy. Mahalo for your choice.
You can expect the deep and regular cleaning of our condos to exceed CDC guidelines, including basic cleaning using EPA-approved disinfectant and for some, electrostatic spraying, UVC light or iWave technology as an additional layer of protection. In many of our homes when a/c is run, we keep the air clean by providing air filtration, which removes 99.9% of in-air particles including viruses, and refreshes the condo air every 30 minutes or less. Ask your owner.
It is clear most of us will no longer be accepting back to back stays and without extra air cleaning methods we will need to provide at least 24 hours between stays. We all must adjust our expectations for how long a job will take and what it will cost and accept it will cost more. The use of UVC lights or iWave technology in a room, Central AC or SPLIT system or electrostatic disinfectant sprayers can help reduce the time to safely allow access for a cleaner after a stay and to clean and disinfect our condos.  As time goes on and the CDC’s guidelines change and tracking and testing show we are not as in danger of spread, we will amend these suggestions or apply them only to units where a guest has shown positive for COVID-19 at some time during their stay.  
For those of you being informed your stay at one of our condos will need to be shortened in order to prepare your condo properly and who do not wish to spend one day less in paradise, check with your owner - we have made arrangements for discounted one night stays a several hotels on island.  Pack your swim & sleep gear on top, take a deep breath and relax -  save the shopping and organizing for day 2.
This guide for "Enhanced Covid-19 Cleaning" is based on updated resources from the CDC, WHO & the EPA and a review of cleaning checklists from leading vacation rental & hospitality sources. We will continually monitor CDC recommendations and update our policies and procedures as recommended.

Enhanced COVID-19 Cleaning  Guidance

  • Cleaners should
  • Longer cleaning times are expected with appropriate increase in pay.
  • FIRST STEP: Thorough cleaning including molding, ceiling fans and drapes, with CDC approved household cleaners & disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface
    • Remove all magazines, tour guides, etc left by departing guest.
    • Wash hands or replace gloves after cleaning each room to prevent cross contamination if present.
    • On porous surfaces use a vacuum with HEPA filter to remove visible contamination if present and, if needed, clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces prior to spraying with disinfectant
    • Do not sweep floors with a broom; instead use a vacuum cleaner (with Hepa filter)
    • Bedding & towels should not be shaken but bagged for cleaning off site or immediately laundered as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely.
    •  After each guest stay, properly clean all appliances and kitchen areas, including refrigerator shelving, the oven stovetop, coffee-makers, toasters, etc.
    • Clean/disinfect cleaning tools a guest might use.
  • DISINFECT/SANITIZE: After cleaning, disinfect all surfaces with appropriate  EPA-registered disinfectantsexternal icon . Use of an electrostatic sprayer using Hypochlorous Acid is recommended as it is safe for asthmatics and can be safely sprayed on surfaces where food is handled without requiring rinsing.
    •  Use extra sanitization on frequently touched areas (thermostats, key pads, door knobs, appliance handles/knobs, phones, sink and toilet handles, railings, keypads, hangers,etc) as recommended by the CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Service requests should be considered with regard for the safety of maintenance providers and guests. To limit exposure, defer nonessential maintenance while the rental unit is occupied and handle only emergency or urgent issues as allowed by applicable law where possible.
  •  Ensure that any HVAC/air filters have been replaced per the manufacturer’s directions. Consider whether more regular replacement of the filters is necessary. Use high filtration efficiency filters. Do not touch the surface of used air filters and remove and dispose of them with minimal disturbance using disposable gloves.
  •  Coronaviruses naturally die in hours to days in typical indoor and outdoor environments. Viruses are killed more quickly by warmer temperatures and sunlight.
    • If an area has not been occupied for 7 days - REGULAR CLEANING is all that is needed
    • If an area is outside: Maintain regular cleaning standards 
Please note, during the course of the pandemic; for protection of our guests and to comply with CDC guidelines requiring us to wash all linens, pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc whether used or not after each stay, the unit may no longer be provided with the extra linens and kitchen supplies many have cone to expect in our condos. Same with magazines, books & tour pamphlets. We apologize and hope for your understanding during this limited time. Lists of food & equipment delivery services, activities that can be done in smaller groups and one time use items are provided.  For your convenience, some of us have added disposable gloves, a few masks, & portable hand sanitizer to your welcome basket.
GUIDELINES FOR GUESTS  to prevent getting ill
Condo cleaning tips for Guests 
  1. Follow "social distancing”  guidelines, including avoiding overcrowding of units.
  2. Maintain good hydration.
  3. Wear masks in stores or outdoors and when you may come within 6’ of someone else.
  4. Wash hands frequently, especially if you've ventured outdoors and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  5. When using common areas such as pools, activity courts, beach gates use the provided sanitizer and follow posted rules.
  6. Read the list of guidelines & precautions provided in your unit ( It is advisable that each condo owner supply a list of precautions for guests to follow when they sign in.)
  7. Visit the Maui County Covid-19 website for newest guidelines and openings https://www.mauicounty.gov/2370/COVID-19-Coronavirus-Information



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