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How to Update Your Credit Card Payment Details

Currently we can only accept credit card payments through our portal.  We are able to accept Venmo, Zelle and even personal checks. Please email us directly for that info.  We hope to have ACH capability soon.

Keeping your payment details up to date will ensure that your renewals will occur without losing your advertising listings. 

In your Host Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Listings tab. 

  • Click the large blue button marked 'Manage Subscriptions & Payment' you'll be taken to your secure page in our Stripe account.
  • If you have more than one listing scroll down to the Payment Method text
  • Click 'Add payment method'  Show screen shot of  host stripe subscription page  showing PAYMENT METHOD  - no method - add method
  • In the new pop up box, enter the credit card details
  • Press the Add button to save the information.  

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