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    Activity Booking & Vacation Planning Assistance

    Get the most out of your Maui vacation using our favorite holiday concierge services

    Sometimes it’s nice to have a contact on island to help you find the best boat, restaurant, luau, snorkel sight, hike – or just for some reliable local knowledge. You don’t need to stay at a hotel to make use of these excellent services…

    Take a look at some fabulous options,   Remember most tours and activities still have limited capacity. Plan ahead and Book Before you Arrive to insure availability.

    Book our Favorite tours now

    TravelShack offers easy online booking for the top Maui activities. With convenient comparisons, detailed information, and guidebook and traveler reviews, find the right tour, cruise, show, or other memorable experience for you. A free service, you’ll not only be able to book multiple activities in one place, but you’ll also get free Maui rewards, such as meals, drinks, or attractions, with each booking or take cash back instead. All backed by highly rated customer service, a flexible cancellation policy, and a best price guarantee.

    Call/Text: 619-887-4258

    Book Your Maui Vacation Today!
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