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    Although not mandatory at registration the inspection is mandatory prior to your listing being activated. There is a fee of $50 payable in advance.

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    List Your Condo

    We are looking for a few select owners with quality properties to join our trusted, very targeted boutique directory. If you have a legal vacation rental and want to be an involved, caring, active participant in the rental process, come join us! List your Condo with us and see what sets us apart from other Directories.

    We provide renters wishing to come to our area the security of knowing our properties are all well maintained, reliable, legal options. Our owners care about your experience and treat you professionally.

    No need for your renters to pay a booking fee to the directory on top of what they pay you, as required at HomeAway, Vrbo, AirBnB & other). We have NO portal booking fees. Many of our owners are on those other sites too but once renters learn about us, they do most of their business here.. 

    Why us

    We are an Ohana (Network) of OWNERS who wish to market and rent our personal condos located on Maui. Our member owners contribute to the success of this site by promoting the Network as well as our own condos. We all understand the importance of combining & sharing resources to keep costs down. 

    √ We are membership based. Neither owners nor renters pay us a percentage of a rental.

    √ We have reasonable rates.

    √ You keep all rental information, all inquiries, reviews, guests correspondence – it’s all yours – you have full control

    √ We are selective and don’t accept everyone just because they’ve paid a listing fee like other directories.

    To Qualify to List Your Condo:

    1. You must be the owner. We confirm ownership of every condo with Maui County

    2. Legal rentals Only. We verify that the resort/area you are in is zoned/permitted for legal vacation rentals

    3. Have a valid Maui Tax ID. We provide a consistent place on each listing to display it

    4. Owners are responsible for making sure ALL info on their listing is accurate. Keeping Rates, Calendar, Payment methods & Policies up to date is a condition of Membership. Keep your password safe and change it periodically. We recommend you check your listing often paying special attention to your contact information (email and phone).

    5. Pass our Inspection. We inspect each condo ($60 paid directly to inspector) prior to accepting it and require the accommodation is clean, well maintained and has the caring owner touches we would all like to find. Most properties are remodeled … 


    Listing Features

    • 1 page website with up to 30 large photos, rate & policy info and more
    • Edit your listings with an easy to use, browser based interface
    • 1 year introductory pricing offer
    • Easy to use Calendar with 18 month & group views (ical version for increased syncing)
    • Rental Management software (email, CRM, finance, bookings)
    • Reviews you can keep
    • Ability to offer special deals or rates on your listing
    • Full WEBSITE (your URL or ours) available thru
    • Full booking and management options with 365villas

    We Offer

    • Over 20 years of experience
    • Reach 300,000+ renters annually looking justs for Maui Rentals
    • List at a fraction of the cost of other directories
    • Marketing Reach: Social Channels, e-shots, Search, Newsletter
    • Control your renter contact info, rental proccess and your reviews
    • Enjoy personal interaction with your guests
    • Share resources with other Maui home owners
    • Safe search including TSL, secure contact forms, emails, etc


    A membership based organization with yealy dues, we like to think of ourselves as an Ohana of like minded owners all of whom contribute to our success. We share names of resources, recommend each other, and take pleasure in talking about the group in travel and other forums, Twitter, Facebook etc. We have active blog, email & ad campaigns. The more our owners help get the word out, the lower our rates can stay. 

    √ $360.00 Our intro year rate is due once we all agree the property & listing are ready for display. In addition an inspection fee** of $60 is required prior to the inspection.

    ** Required of all Properties: The inspection does not guarantee membership or rating qualification but you will receive our comprehensive form noting areas needing to be addressed prior to membership/rating should you not qualify immediately.

    √ After the introductory year, yearly fees are $350 plus the cost of one-half* night low season rental for your property. *(If rentals rate is $800 or more, rental rate is capped at $800)

    √ SAMPLE: If your low season rate for 7 or more nights is $270/night your yearly rate would be $350 + 135 (.5*270) = $485/yr

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