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How to use Paid Ads with MOC

Types of Paid Ads offered at MOC

Available to purchase for each listing, Paid Ads are a great way to increase their visibility. Our statistics show that listings using these ads have more inquiries and bookings than those without.

There are 3 types of paid ads available depending on what your needs are. Here is some info describing each and their features a benefits.

Featured Ads - 30 days:

  • These Ads appear on Location Search Pages in the top search ranking area and are a great way to gain maximum exposure to all travelers searching in a given area of Maui. (Area or Town or Resort)


Highlighted Ads - 30 days:

These Ads appear on the Home Page (the most visited page on our website) in the Top Fold using a randomized, slideshow format in the Highlighted Listings Section.

Last Minute Deals - 14 days:

These Ads appear on the popular Last Minute Deals Page. We spend money running ads to this page on other platforms (Facebook, Google, etc). Last Minute Deals Ads provide a great way to get exposure for any discounts or special offers you need to improve occupancy.

  coming: Image showing a screen shot Last Minute Deal page with one listing

Don't forget to add the Deal Description in the text box available on the Property Listing to highlight your offer.

 coming: Image showing a screen shot host dashboard listing with a LMD ad

How to Purchase Paid Ads in your Host Dashboard:

  • Go to the  "Listings" tab in your Host Dashboard and scroll to the property you are interested in promoting.
  • Click the blue "Boost Listing!" button
  • Purchase the Paid Ad that you are interested in

coming: Image showing a screen shot of the stripe selection page for paid ads shown to a host

  • Follow the instructions for entering your payment
  • The paid ad will automatically be applied to your listing

Note: for Last Minute Deal Ads only - don't forget to include text for the special offer description in the text field provided to advertise the details of the offer

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