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Photo & Video Upload Tips

Uploading photos & videos is quick and easy on Maui Owner Condos (MOC). Good photos help set you apart from other listings and get more bookings.

The Key for Great Looking Photos on your Listing!

  • Use high resolution images no less than 1150px x 768px for best results.
  • Photos should be in horizontal point of view. Vertical photos do not fit into the space provided
  • If your images dont have an aspect ratio of close to 3:2 or 4:3 (horiz : vertical) then resize them to display properly, Photoshop and might be options for you. A google search for Photo resizer results in a  lot of free tools, here are the results. 
  • Do not use logos, watermarks or graphics on photos - we cannot market properties with logos (no newsletters, social feeds, tourism advertising, videos)
  • Photos with watermarks, graphics and text overlay may be removed from the website and is up to the sole discretion of Maui Owner Condos
  • Avoid using photos with dates on them, again we cannot use these photos to market your property
  • All photos must be your property and/or you have permission to use them as per the terms and conditions of Maui Owner Condos
  • If photos have been found to have been copyright infringed MOC reserves the right to remove the photo

How to Upload Photos & Add a Video Link

  • In your Host Dashboard, click the "Listings" tab
  • Click "Edit Listing" on the property you wish to edit
  • Your vacation rental property will pop up
  • Click "Photos" on the left menu
  • Here you can edit and change the photos and add/change a video url link.

Video Uploads

  • Once you paste a url link in the field press the "save video settings"button
  • An MOC customer team member will review the entry before authorization occur

Photo Uploads

  • Photos can be added by clicking in the rectangle field and uploading from your computer OR by dragging and dropping up to 10 photos at a time
  • Be patient this process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the photos
  • Max size of photos should be not more than 2 MB
  • Best size image: 1450 pixels x 961 pixels and no less than 1150px x 768px
  • Photos should be professional quality to increase booking requests
  • Interior photos should have good lighting
  • Include photos of both your interior, exterior and location to entice travelers
  • Lead with your best photo of the most important amenity that your guests love

Editing Photo Captions

Adding descriptions to each photo helps both the traveler and host. Titles on each photo is an SEO (search engine optimization) tool and selling opportunity to the traveler. A guest can see items at a glance. Describing one item makes for a quick read and is more likely to be remembered than when in a paragraph describing many things.

  • Click on the green "edit caption" button on each photo to edit the description.
  • Press SAVE if you edit a photo. (more on editing photos below).

Positioning of Photos - Hows and Whys of Sequencing

  • To drag and drop fotos from one location to another. press your mouse down on a photo and drag it to your ideal sequence location.
  • The first photo is your thumbnail and appears in the large, header image for your listing and in search results.
  • The order (sequence) photos appear in on your listing is an important selling technique. It visually shows the traveler how they can use your property and enjoy the surrounding areas.
  • Be sure to add photos of the area attractions!

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