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How to Add a Booking, Update & Sync Availability Calendars on MOC

This page is broken into two sections. The first explains how to manually add a reservation to your MOC availability calendar on desktop, mobile or iPad devices. The second section goes into details on how to sync availability calendars through iCal URL links.

We get calls every day from travelers looking for help finding accommodations. Keeping your calendar up to date helps us at MOC market your properties.

  • If your calendar is empty we cannot recommend it to travelers who are ready to book!
  • Properties with empty calendars will appear towards the bottom of your subscription level rank.
  • Keeping your calendar up to date ensures you receive qualified booking inquiries

Maui Owner Condos - MOC makes it easy to manually update and sync your availability calendar.

Manually Adding a Reservation to your Availability Calendar

  • Login as a HOST on MOC to get to your host Dashboard.
  • Click "EDIT LISTING" on the property listing you wish to edit.
  • Click the "Availability" tab on the left menu bar
  • Click on the calendar check-in date and hold your mouse & scroll to the check-out date.
  • Lift up your mouse.
  • Enter the details of the booking in the pop up window that now appears and press "save"

Desktop Computer

Mobile or IPAD

On mobile or iPad view you can press the 'Add a New Booking' button to manually add a reservation to your calendar.

Note bookings near each other are given different colors making it easy to see where one booking ends and another begins.

How to Sync Availability Calendars - iCal URL Links

Why you need a Master Calendar

Having a Master Calendar for all of your iCal URL Links to sync directly into is Important when using Multiple iCal URL Links.

It's up to you as a host to decide which calendar will be your Master. If you use a channel manager or booking software you would likely use one of those tools. Although it's not necessary to use special software. You can use any one listing site as your "Master Calendar".

Correct Set up

Incorrect Set up

Any one of the following criteria is necessary when choosing which platform will be your Master calendar:

  • A listing site that allows several iCal URL link imports (ie: Maui Owner Condos - MOC)
  • A booking software or channel manager (ie:, 365villas,, Lodgify, etc..) that can manage multiple URL link imports
  • A calendar like Google Calendar if you are able to set up yourself which requires a bit of technical knowledge

How to Sync Bookings from Another Platform into an MOC Listing (Import):

  • Copy the iCAL URL link from the "export" area of your listing platform or property management software
Example: VRBO Host Calendar

  • Login and go to the MOC Host Dashboard
  • Click "Edit Listing" on the property listing you wish to edit
  • Click the "Availability" tab on the left menu bar
  • Paste the link into the IMPORT iCAL URL link field
  • Press the "Save iCal Settings button

iCal Links can be refreshed at any time by pressing the grey 'Refresh' buttons which will force a sync of data immediately


Up to 3 iCAL URL links can be entered butwe recommended only entering the primary master calendar url link in order to avoid potential issues.

Exporting Bookings from MOC to Another Platform:

  • Login and go to the MOC Host Dashboard
  • Click "Edit Listing" on the property listing you wish to edit
  • Click the "Availability" tab on the left menu bar
  • The iCAL EXPORT field will have the URL for the property you selected
  • Copy the URL link from the MOC calendar "export" area
  • Login to the listing platform or property management software you wish to export this link to
  • Go to your calendar section and choose - "Import from Outside Calendar"
  • Paste in the link from the MOC EXPORT iCAL link field & SAVE

Tips to Manage your Availability Calendar iCal Syncs

Syncing your calendar to your "master" calendar is a great way to decrease work and automate your bookings to upload on your MOC property listing. There are a few things to keep in mind when syncing multiple calendars to a property listing.

Always use a Master Calendar for your syncs. This avoids any reservations that may not get picked up through the other listing sites

A Master Calendar is a calendar found on a booking software (ie:, 365villas, Lodgify, etc..) or from a Google Calendar if you are savvy enough to set it up or on a listing site that allows several iCAL URL link imports

If you get a cancellation, it is important to review each listing site to ensure that the booking has been removed. Start with your Master Calendar first and work your way through all calendars to remove the reservation. In some cases, depending on the syncing cycle, you may have to detach (remove) the iCal URL link, and delete the booking and finally re-attach the iCal URL link.


  • Rental Booking Software
Vacation rental booking software is often referred to as a PMS - Property Management Software. This software gives a host a central dashboard to manage all of their bookings, rental contracts, payments, and refunds. Whether you are a single property host or have multiple properties having a booking software is a game changer to ease the administrative tasks when renting out your home.

  • Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is a distribution solution. Channel managers offer marketing solutions to hosts and property managers to advertise rental properties across multiple listing site platforms all in one dashboard. Channel managers sync to listing sites to push all relevant bookings into property availability calendars automatically.

Many hosts successfully manage their properties without these software solutions the 'old fashioned way' with excel sheets which is great if that works for you.

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