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Host Review Responses

On Maui Owner Condos, owners and property managers have the ability to respond to traveler reviews on their property listings. This is a great way to showcase how a host handles both good and bad reviews of their properties.

Most savy travelers using our website understand there are many reasons, some not entirely valid, why you might not receive a 5 star review and are interested in how you respond to those.. Responding to traveler reviews give future travelers a good idea of what kind of customer service you offer your guests and what they can expect while on vacation at your home. 

  • On your Host Dashboard, click the 'Listings' tab
  • Click on the property listing "Edit Listing" button that you which to edit
  • Click "Reviews" near the bottom of the left menu bar
  • Find the review that you wish to respond to and press "Edit/View"

  • Enter the details of your response in the "Subscriber Reply" field
  • Press "Save Review"

Helpful Tips for Host Responses to Inquiries

  • Respond to travelers in a helpful and friendly manner - no sarcasm...
  • Do not use special symbols or emojis. These are stripped from the communication for security purposes.
  • Be sure to answer all questions including information that may already appear on the listing.
  • Create a template that you can easily copy and paste into the response by using the feature, advantage, benefit strategy. Keep these short.
    • Feature - Identify the best features of your property - include what past guests love about the property. Special amenities are good to include in this section like putting greens, hot tubs, tiki huts, docks, etc..
    •  Advantage - Include any advantages of booking with you versus another host or property manager. (ie: is the location of your property near restaurants, canals, beach, amusement park?)
    • Benefit - Do you provide any benefits that your competitors don't? (ie: Do you offer free membership to a local fitness center? Are you providing more luxurious towels that are larger than a property manager's linen program?, etc..)
  • Build Trust - Make the process easy for them to trust you as a host.
    • Provide credentials, awards or past guest review examples. It's not everyday that a traveler hands over thousands of dollars to a stranger they want to rent a house from. 
    • Include your cancellation policy so guests can understand this up front.
    • Extra Information - If you have a website, be sure to offer the url link to the traveler so they can see more information about your property and host offerings.  
    • Make it easy for them to contact you.
  • A Call to Action - Finally including a brief call to action is super important and often missed by hosts. Include some details on how to proceed with a booking and the process that is involved.

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