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Availability Calendar - How to Cancel a Booking

iCAL Users

If you sync your calendar using an iCAL URL link, be sure you follow these steps exactly.

  • Delete the booking first on the calendar used for the original booking.
  • If you have designated a MASTER CALENDAR, be sure to delete the booking from there next - immediately (ie: property management software)
  • Proceed with the instructions below

Canceling a Booking

  • Open your Host Dashboard and select the property listing you wish to edit (Listings>edit listing)
  • Click the Availability tab on the left menu
  • Scroll down to the full list of "All Bookings"
  • Locate the reservation you wish to cancel and press the "Edit" button
  • Change the status to Canceled/Inactive
  • Enter the details in the Description field
  • Press save

  • Check your Availability Calendar to be sure the booking has been canceled
  • Following these steps should insure the listing will be deleted from all calendars "over time" and immediately from the calendar originally used to book with, your master calendar and your MOC calendar


Patience is the key when waiting for a sync.  The major booking sites can wait several hours before sending out bookings to outside calendars (syncing). These days most happen within the hour but....

Depending on the timing of the calendar syncs and the popularity of the dates in question, there are times you may not want to wait for a sync with an .iCal URL linked property.  In that case, after following the steps above, you will need to delete the booking on the calendar you are worried about. 

Rarely , but In some cases, depending on the syncing cycle, if a booking persists after following the original steps to cancel it, you may have to detach (remove) the iCal URL link, and delete the booking and finally re-attach the iCal URL link from that calendar..

If you have any difficulties canceling a reservation on your own feel free to contact us with the details of your issue . We are happy to assist you. You can send us an email at [email protected].

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