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Set up your listing to attract your ideal traveler

How to Set up your Listing for Success

Categorize your property correctly! At MOC we have helped make this easier by creating many different "types" of listings, views, amenities, etc. Many are searchable and renters do use them so take the time; start with the basics to be sure you are matched up with your ideal traveler.Check our Home Page for Popular Vacation Types and be sure you select appropriiae amenities to appear in those that are appropriate

General Info & Amenities

  • Listing Types: Is your property a beach house, condo, townhouse, etc...
  • View Types:does your property have an ocean or Beach view? Golf or Mountain view etc...
  • Amenities: Ideal to complete to ensure you showcase the home (hot tub, pool, etc.) Check for a red box with searchable) label, near these various amenities, etc - these are important to use if appropriate
    • SUITABILITY: Very important to attract the ideal guest. Are you ...
      • Wheelchair accessible (does not need roll in shower)
      • Budget friendly, a luxury property, have an elevator
      • Are Children Welcome, are you Senior friendly, Take month long bookings (ie snowbird)
    • ESSENTIAL: Amenities like: A/C, Wireless internet]
    • GENERAL: includes Parking
    • OUTDOOR FEATURES: deck/patio (for ground floor condos only - use Balcony for upper floors
  • Relevant Attractions Nearby: Don't ignore the reason why travelers are visiting your area. Showcase how close your home is to these attractions (shopping, zip llne)
  • Check for a red box with searchable) label, near these various amenities, etc - these are important to use if appropriate

Property Title

Make sure your title is unique and if you have a brand include it in the title! Think about using the name of the property to attract past guests. Titles that work also include the main feature keywords to attract guests. Change the title if you want to advertise the dates of a last minute opening.

How you title your property is important and impacts the SEO (search engine optimization) of your listing. Include the name of your property (unit #, etc to attract repeat guests or others familiar with the resort) and features that can be keywords used by guests in search. Change the title if you have a special or last minute opening. The title should be unique. Mention your brand if you have one.

Property Description

Your property description also contributes to your SEO and can affect your position in search results. It should be unique - don't copy from another listing you are using somewhere else. Use key words and terms you'd use if searching for a property like yours and don't forget to use the phrase you used in your title.

Make it fun! Tell a story, don't use just the dry facts. Captions on your images and the images themselves can do that.

Don't waste space giving the same info already seen in the property info icons above the description on your listing. You might want to include:

  • Bed and bath configurations
  • unique features
  • location advantage
  • extra benefits compared to others
  • help the traveler when they are just scanning - use bullet points as well as paragraphs

Professional Photos Work!

Once your listing is found, a traveler first looks at photos. More and more Hosts have found that using professional photos works!. Photos work to convert bookings and spending $300 for a pro will certainly payoff. Stage your house! Have a good view when doing dishes or from your bed - show it. Have your photographer take the photo so a renter can picture themselves using the property.

  • find a photographer who knows how to bring the sunshine in
  • include your views, kitchen, baths and lanais.
  • clean & declutter before the photographer arrives
  • update old bedding - renters want to see owners care enough to keep current
  • include photos of the resort amenities (or backyard pool if you have a home)
  • If you can't see it from your condo, use aerial photos to show how close the property is to the beach; how private your setting is, or how close it is to shopping etc.
  • the photo we use in the thumbnail when showing your property as a search result is the first photo in your photos section be sure itshowcases the best feature of your home perhpaps your view, pool, location, view when looking thru your new kitchen, etc.

Respond to Inquiries Right Away!

What does that mean to you? With in 15 minutes? 2 hours? 2 days? I have gotten calls from panicked renters within 15 minutes of when they sent their first email to one of our members. More often that call comes the second day.

Basically you can't respond soon enough. Unlike other listing sites, we don't suggest a renter contact other properties in case the one they choose is not actually available. We request you keep your calendars up to date and respond to inquiries even if you don't have space. Care and concern for the renter will certainly pay off as renters report positive and negative impressions of our website to their friends.

SMS Text Messages

For those who would respond more quickly to a text message than an email, MOC offers the opportunity to set up SMS text message notifications in your account. to ensure you can answer quickly and convert that booking. This field is found in the 'Settings' tab' on the Host Dashboard. Text message charges may apply according to your cell provider. Enter the phone number as follows below.

  • Enter the number 1 at the beginning of the cell number you'd like to receive texts with
  • Don't use any spaces or special characters between numbers
  • Test it. Send yourself a test inquiry to make sure you have entered the number correctly. (Text messages can take several minutes to transmit)
  • The following phone number (555) 123-4567 would be entered as follows
    • 15551234567
  • Text messages are set up to notify hosts of an inquiry to improve booking conversions. Respond quickly! Hosts cannot contact a traveler via SMS message

Inquiry Responses Need Details and a Call to Action

Though it is good to be concise and you certainly don't want to waste their time, it is best not to respond to travelers with one sentence answers. Let them know answering their question is important to you and thus they and their concerns are important too.

Make ii easy on yourself by preparing a template that you can access easily in a draft folder with your email provider or property management software ( makes it easy offering templates you can edit, the ability to upload driving directions, contracts, etc). Leave space to answer a specific question first but don't forget to play up how fantastic you home is and what kind of perks a traveler can get from booking with you.

Make it easy for travelers to book with you and feel confident that they can trust you.Consider including the following in your inquiry responses:

  • details of the quote including the payment schedule (ie: 40% down, remaining balance due date, etc...)
  • a list of "extras" that you offer and your competition doesn't (e: grocery concierge, etc..)
  • cancellation/refund policy
  • next steps for traveler to book
  • travel insurance information
  • links to your listing or website/guide books
  • signature line including branding & contact detais
  • any affiliations you belong to (ie: MVRA, RBOAA, HVCB)

Guest Reviews

Next to Photos - Reviews help convert more bookings. More and more renters not only look for reviews but question if they would even consider renting a property without one. Build your guest review section of your listing to show travelers real experiences of past renters. Don't be afraid to post a review with some negative comments - respond to them. This is a way for renters to see your style. Responding to an obviously problem guest with facts, kindness, policy notes etc can turn a negative review into a positive.

Build on your reviews by asking past guests to submit reviews for your condo. Currently MOC allows you, the owner/host/manager, to add reviews from your HOST dashboard.

  • Click the blue EDIIT LISTING button to right of the listing you wish to work withl
  • Scroll the left menu to REVIEWS and click

There you can IMPORT from VRBO (more options coming) or ADD A NEW REVIEW cut and past from a guest book, guest email, etc. At this time we do not have a way for a guest to add a directed review but we have developers working on that.

Use Our Paid Ads - An Extra Advertising Option

Since listings with Paid Ads get more inquiries and bookings, they are great for owners looking to boost their visibility. Paid Ads are available for purchase for each listing.

Depending on what your needs are, you can choose from 3 types of paid ads available depending on what your needs are:

  • Featured Ads - 30 days: These Ads appear on location Search Pages in the top search ranking and are a great way to gain maximum exposure to all travelers searching in a given area of Maui. (Area or Town or Resort)
  • Highlighted Ads - 30 days: These Ads appear on the Home Page (most visited page on the website) in the Top Fold using a randomized, slideshow format in the Highlighted Listings Section.
  • Last Minute Deals - 14 days: These Ads appear on the popular Last Minute Deals Page. We spend money running ads on other platforms (Facebook, Google, etc) to this page so it provides a great way to get exposure for any last minute deals, discounts or special offers you need to gain occupancy.

Purchase ads, from your Host Dashboard;

  • Navigate to the property that you are interested in promoting found under the "Listings" tab
  • Click the "Boost Listing!" button above the listing name
  • Purchase the Paid Ad that you are interested in
  • Follow the instructions for entering payment
  • The paid ad will automatically be applied to your listing

Note for Last Minute Deal Ads only - enter the special offer description in the text field provided this will allow details of the offer to display.

Market Your MOC Listing in your Email Signature, Social & Local Tourism Platforms

If you don't have your own website you can use your Maui Owner Condos property listing url to market your vacation rental in your email signature, on social media websites for free!

Social media groups are a great way to advertise your Maui vacation rental for free. Most Facebook groups, for example, are free to join and have active followers or travelers that want to visit an area. Use your URL link, found in the upper left screen of your property listing, so that travelers contact you through our trusted site.

Membership in MVRA (Maui Vacation Rental Association) can also get your name out there and help support TVR owner/host/manager issues with the county

Be A Great Host

In addition to setting up your property and seeing it is well maintained, always be polite, professional and fair in all your communications and dealings with guests.  You may have a management company or on island contact helping with guest communication if you don't live near your property but guests will often call you first, even when you leave other instructions.

If you don't live on island, or even if you do but are traveling off island, Maui requires you to have an on island contact to handle emergencies and help guests and the AOAO.  Be sure your staff understands your expectations and are comfortable dealing with guests and are available during their stay if they have any issues.

Offering help upfront before a guests books can help avoid any surprises for a guest. Be clear and precise about your cancellation, pandemic, weather and refund policies. Help travelers find travel insurance to protect their own vacation investment which will avoid traveler/hosts stress in crises. MOC has an insurance page with companies we have experience with. Feel free to provide guests with the link.

Be sure you have a rental contract that guests must read and sign to help travelers understand your house rules

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