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Plumeria ("Melia" in Hawaiian) and the colors of Maui

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Known as Frangipani through most of the world, the Hawaiian word for Plumeria is "Melia". The delicate plumeria flower is a symbol of Aloha in Hawaii and the model for our Maui Owner Condos Logo.

The five colors Maui Owner Condos uses have been specially selected to emulate the colors found in nature on the islands: water, sand, flowers, trees, etc. Each petal has been chosen as a different color to symbolize an individual person or personality, all coming together and networking in the center. It uses symbols, colors, and styles that work together to form a complete design that shouts ideals of togetherness, trust, and exuberance, encapsulating the visions of Maui Owner Condos. At a glance, the plumeria can look like a star: this perception is intentional, as it creates a gut reaction.  It is a an extremely playful interaction, yet still quite mature.

In the title, the spaces between words have been removed to make it quite clear that Maui Owner Condos is first and foremost a web-based company. The addition of the ".com" at the end helps with this as well. The way the orange and blue petals are placed is reminiscent of MSN, a universally-known company synonymous with the web, reinforcing the "online" aspect of Maui Owner Condos.

Plumeria trees produce flowers from April - August. The flowers are known throughout the Pacific Hawaii, most especially to be used for making leis, a culturally significant (and well known) Hawaiian entity. They are common on all Hawaiian islands. 

On top of the flower symbol, a multi-coloured approach of yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink is used to bring in and reinforce more of the traditional Hawaii viewpoint..

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