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    Historical sites to visit on Maui

    Learn about the rich historical heritage of Maui

    Historical sites, museums, parks, preserves (from fish to fauna) abound on Maui.  You can book a condo anywhere but those in North Central Kihei and on Maalaea Bay will keep you within 20 minutes of most.

    Haleakala Crater park pictured above is an exception – it takes bout 2 hours to get to the ranger station.  Amazing sunsets (it’s cold at 9000 ft so dress accordingly and visit your first few days on island to make that early rising time easy.  You can hike the crater, ride bikes back to town (from just outside the park-(Bikes are no longer allowed in the park) or even rent a cabin and an overnight in the crater which will feel like you’re on the moon.

    Some Great Museums in Wailuku – and up the IAO road,  Same with Lahaina (Whaling, Baldwin, old fort ruins and many more. 

    Travel to Hana and visit Charles Lindberg’s Grave at Palapala Hoʻomau Church – In Kipahula – drive eight miles south of Hana just past the 41 mile marker and turn left when you see a sign for Maui Stables & the church. There is an entrance to the Park here too.

    Closer check out Makena for old churches and ancient burial grounds  and past  to the lava fields, LaPeruse Bay where the first English speakers landed, and for the strong walkers hike on to some old Hawaiian villages.

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