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Want a private pool and a 3rd or 4th bedroom with easy access to the beach? Our permitted Short Term Rentals Homes could be the perfect solution for you. These free-standing homes are found in residential communities through out Maui. Also known as TVRs (Transient Vacation Rentals) they offer options for larger groups or those who wish to experience "life like a local".

You can count on the homes advertised here as being exceptionally well maintained and often completely remodeled. Decorating gives a hint of the islands but leans toward a contemporary feel.

Amenities Found in our Vacation Rental Homes

  • Stunning Remodeled, Professionally Decorated Properties
  • Spacious Free Standing Home, 3+ Bedrooms
  • Beautifully Maintained, Legal TVR / ST Rental Homes
  • Within 5 minutes one of Maui's white sand beaches
  • Private Pool
  • Local Contact for 24/7 Emergencies
  • Concierge Services

Lawns, pool areas and lanais invite you to be outdoors. Large kitchens are outfitted for the cook and include serving pieces for entertaining. Fully air conditioned, updated or remodeled through out with washer/dryers, complimentary WiFi, Cable and more.

May 22, 2012 Maui County Council passed County Ordinance 3941. It allows 400 Maui home owners to obtain permits for legal short term rentals (formerly known as Temporary Vacation Rentals - TVRs). 100 of these permits will go to homes in the Kihei-Wailea-Makena area. Only 4 will be permitted in Maui Meadows.

The practice of renting accommodations to travelers in areas not permitted by zoning had been pervasive on Maui for decades, but in 2007 Maui County began closing down these illegal rentals. With this new law, a permitting process that allows input from neighbors is regulated. The homes you will find on this site have all gone through the permitting process and are legal short term vacation rental homes. You needn't worry that you'll arrive on Maui and find "your accommodation" has been closed by the county.

Please note that the permitting process often puts restrictions on noise - especially at night. These homes are in residential areas and most of your neighbors work or have children who go to school so please, LIVE LIKE A LOCAL and conform to the rules of your home's permit.

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