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We invite you to let us know what you like and don't like about our site. We strive to make it useful to those wishing to select their own perfect spot on Maui.

We are always looking for quality properties to list on our site. We are a network of homeowners interested in promoting the spirit of Aloha.

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We are very targeted Maui Rentals (originally South Maui but recently opened to West Maui as well) and get a huge amount of traffic (more than 670,000 page views and 40,000+ unique visitors each month). Most owners find they book as many as 3 weeks within the first few weeks they appear on our site. To find more about our approach, costs, and history, visit our About Us page.

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If you are a condo owner on Maui and think your owner direct vacation rental would qualify, please contact us. We do require you have a full listing with your policies, rates and as many photos as possible as our users want to know more about your property without having to click away. If you already have a website, we link to it (but not to other directory sites). We will not link to sites use spamming techniques including cloaking and redirection.

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