Zipline for one of your Maui Activities December 23, 2011

One of my favorite Maui activities is Zipline. For those of you that are not familiar with what a Zipline is, think about flying. Essentially, when one goes “Ziplining” they are flying through the air at or above the canopy of the trees, across a valley or gulch, while suspended with a single wire to which you are attached to with a harness – similar to a swing. As you step off the platform and fly through the air, there is not a more exhilarating feeling.

maui zipline

Of course there are so many activities on Maui, and may of them are the world’s best: surfing, scuba, deep sea fishing, golf, and of course relaxation. This is especially true of Zipline. Not only do you get a rush when stepping off the platform as you glide 100s of feet across a valley but the views are amazing. Because gravity plays a large roll in zipline the “courses” are usually found up in elevation. On Maui, that would mean going up the West Maui Mountains or Haleakala. Once atop and riding a Zipline the views of the Pacific ocean are breathtaking.

There are several Zipline courses on Maui, and all offer very similar experiences. One of my favorites is the Skyline Eco Adventures Zipline. Located both in South Maui and West Maui they have some of the best courses and a portion of your proceeds go back into the environment.

Due to the popularity of Ziplines and the fact that you cannot do this activity “anywhere” reservations are a must and you should schedule BEFORE you arrive on Maui. A simple Google Search of Maui Zipline will return several great Zipline courses.

Just remember too, that when you come to Maui, you’ll need a place to call your home base. We recommend staying in a Vacation Rental Condo. If you plan on staying on the South side of Maui – our favorite – then check out this great hyper-local directory of South Maui Vacation Rentals by Owner.

On your next trip to Maui, add a Zipline to your list of must do Maui Activities.