Maui Guide Books June 3, 2016

Regardless of your vacation style when you come to Maui  (do you come to hit the beach and relax? Or do you come full of energy, ready to explore everything this island has to offer?) Both travel styles have their merits, though I will admit to getting a little dizzy when listening to some of our guests’ travel plans (you guessed it – I like to take it easy on vacation). It’s important to spend your ‘vacation down time’ doing the things you want to do, right? But it is also important to study up and know where you want to explore, hike, eat or relax. Not too worry, there are a lot of Maui guide books to help you plan your vacation.

There are some great resources to explore the island. Of course there’s the internet with its vast array of resources. There are also several Maui guide books, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag one or more of them at your local library. These come in particularly handy when you are driving, particularly if you don’t have a US data plan on your cell phone. (hint: when you arrive at Maui’s Kahului Airport there are tons of Maui guide book inserts and activity fliers near baggage claim).

Maui Guide Books

  1. The much debated Andrew Doughty’s Maui Revealed Guidebook by Wizard Publications is now in its 6th edition. Yes, this is a great guide book, easy to read. However, there is much controversy as past editions have included off-the-beaten path sites, some of which were not maintained by the State or County (leaving no one to clean up after the tourists), others on private property. I haven’t seen the older editions and am not sure if these controversial locations have been pulled from the book. However, when sight-seeing, no matter where you found about a Maui gem, be sure to obey ‘kapu’ (‘no trespassing’) signs. Where to find the book? Amazon, Costco, ABC stores and there’s an app for your phone as well. You can buy the book here as well.
  2. Moon Maui (including Molokai & Lanai) is a great guide book written by longtime Maui resident and travel writer Kyle Ellison. It was first published in 2014 and can be bought on Amazon or directly from the author. Personally, I like reading about Maui by a local author!
  3. The Maui News ( just announced a new Maui guide book by two relatively new-to-Maui residents Terri Marshall and Dawn Powell: Maui Hiking, Waterfalls and Beaches. They boast that everything in their book is FREE to do (except entry to Haleakala National Park and the Iao Park fees). This book is a little more expensive than the others, but has great ideas. Buy it here.
  4. Lonely Planet Discover Maui – When I bought this book a few years back, I was a little disappointed as it didn’t contain nearly the wealth of information found in other guide books and also seemed to focus more on West Maui. I am not sure if I have the most recent edition. If you’re traveling to West Maui, this could be a good option. You can find the book on Amazon.
  5. Sometimes the best Maui guide book can be a real person. One of the perks of booking your Maui vacation from an owner vs. a hotel is the knowledge and “live like a local” tips and tricks you can pick up. A perk of renting from The Pauli Family’s Wailea Ekahi Village Condos is you get access to their concierge with the Concierge Connection. Ask for Mona!

However you spend your vacation, we wish you a wonderful and memorable visit! Remember to use common sense and always apply lots of sunscreen!