Use Video to Add SEO Power to Your Vacation Rental Listing February 28, 2013

A few weeks ago I added a page to our website about how to increase your Search Engine Optimization (thus increasing your search engine results) for your Vacation Rental listing with the use of Video (for the complete article Click Here). It matters not how great of a website you have, if you are buried in the search engine results. I wanted to make sure people were able to find this information as I really believe in video as a vehicle to help drive traffic to your website. That is why I’ve added this quick little blog post on Video as an SEO Tool.

Probably my favorite reason for liking video (ok, other than the fact that it works!) is that video can be fun!! You don’t even need to be in front of the camera. There are plenty of ways to use video without you being the star (though channeling your inner Hollywood can be fun!).

1) A Tutorial on how to use your website or your on-line booking engine or to make credit card payments.

2) How about a quick walk through to show your view or the new addition, new remodel.

3) Maybe you shot video of a whale jumping out of the Ocean or swimming with a sea turtle.

4) You can always shoot video of an awesome sunset too.

As you can see there is plenty of use for Video for your Vacation Rental listing. In my mind, Video is the most fun of the SEO Tools you can use.

I’d love to get ideas from you as to what you would like to see. Not only on the pages of this Blog, but also in the form of video and photos. Suggestions are always appreciated and considered. Please keep checking our YouTube Page: MauiOwnerCondos for new videos, and hopefully you’ll see one of your suggestions there soon as well!

Mahalo for your time!