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South Shore

South Shore equals Sunny and Active but still with the peaceful, tropical feel of an island.

South Maui divides nicely into the areas of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. Ma’alaea is technically central but we include it here. Think of Kihei as a beach town growing up; Wailea as the Country Club, Makena as wilderness being discovered and Ma’alaea as the boat harbor with a location convenient to everything. Among these areas you will find the condo perfectly suited to you. Choose an area, a condo, and take advantage of all South Maui has to offer. It’s here for you; awaiting your arrival.

As the saying goes, if it’s raining where you are, go a few miles south. The Sunny side of Maui is the South Shore. Here you’ll generally find the sun shinning, and activities galore. The beaches are the best on the island and offer activities from, building sand castles to sunning to great walks or jogs. The ocean offers swimming, snorkeling, ocean kayaking, Boogie Boarding & Stand Up Paddle Boarding; and there is golf, including major tournaments and 6 courses within 10 minutes of one another.

Here too are the famous resort hotels including their restaurants, shops and the special events. Luckily there are also luxury condo resorts and in Kihei not only resorts but also some local color and nightlife. Beach/Ocean front accommodations are at a premium because most condos on the South Shore are low rise buildings with a few mid rise (4-7 stories). Often you can save money by choosing one of the condos a bit back from the beach and still get amazing views with only a 5 minute drive or 10-15 minute walk to the beach. Condos tend to get larger as you head south in this region.

Their surroundings vary from the colorful, lush tropical landscaping of Wailea, to the natural setting and indigenous plantings of Kihei on to the wilderness and historically punctuated areas of Makena. For upscale shopping there is The Shops of Wailea, an outdoor shopping center filled with necessary to extraordinary shops; and boutiques to outdoor kiosks in Kihei. So remember: South Shore equals Sunny and Active but still with the peaceful, tropical feel of an island. read more

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