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    Snorkeling on Maui

    You can snorkel off most any beach on Maui!!!

    Snorkeling is a great way to experience the amazing variety and colors of tropical fish, sea anemones and coral just below the surface of the water. If you are lucky, you may even see a sea turtle or two. There are places all over the island where you can rent or buy a mask and snorkel. Fins aren’t necessary, but some folks like them as they make it easier to move around. In addition, a small kick board can be useful; as this will allow you to float without a lot of effort.

    As for the best spots, most people will agree that Molokini Crater is the best and it has very dense marine life and coral formations. The depth is about 40 feet and is a volcanic crater about two and a half miles off Maui. Getting to Molokini requires you to either have a boat, or join a snorkeling excursion. If you do a tour, snorkeling equipment is provided. Two other choice spots are Honolau Bay and Ahihi Kinau Natural Bay Reserve. Honolau Bay is about 30 feet deep and located just north of Kapalua off the Honoaplillana Highway and is about 8 miles from the Kaanapali resorts.

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