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16 years of Verifiying Owners & Their Properties

We do more than operate a regulated, very targeted directory for Maui Vacation Rentals (formerly known as South Maui Condos Owner Direct Rental Network SMCODRN), we host a network with an Ohana feel for our members. Bonnie Pauli and her son Matt are the leaders of the Pauli Team on Maui. Our clients describe us as superstars, but we prefer to be simply known as task finishers. Matt -B2Beach 250x 321

MauiOwnerCondos.com or MOC is a directory of vacation rental condos designed to help potential renters find the perfect property when planning their Maui vacation. Use our site to find deluxe vacation rental accommodations in Sunny South Maui and Fun loving West Maui. Ownership has been confirmed for every rental on our website. The cost is what you pay the owner - At HomeAway, Vrbo, AirBnB and others you'll pay a 5%-14% booking fee to the website (portal) on top of what you pay the owner. Not here. We have NO portal booking fees. We are owners who want our condos to rent. Many of us are on those other sites too but once the word gets out about this site, we hope to do most of their business here.

Our easy to use Availability & Booking Calendar allows you to see who has open dates for your time frame and creates flexibility for your stay. All entries on our calendar are linked to the owner's listing for direct contact with them. All of our properties in Wailea and Makena and many in Kihei, Ma'alaea & Ka'anapali are considered Premier Accommodations. We constantly monitor our listings, have an active on-line advertising program and are well optimized with content and information.

As a group of owners who actively manage our condos, we are always looking for quality properties to list on our site. We are a network of homeowners interested in promoting the spirit of Aloha.

If you are a legal vacation rental owner in West or South Maui, actively manage the rental of your condo and think our site would be a proper location for your owner direct vacation rental, please read Let's Get Started.

The History of Maui Owner Condos

Having owned several condos on Maui through the years, Matt & Bonnie have seen how difficult it is for individual owners to get their vacation rentals found in search engines. Often these condos are the best maintained, outfitted and decorated condos in the rental market. We knew these were condos the public would want to rent if they could only find them.

Because of Bonnie's background in website design and search engine optimization and her knowledge of the Maui rental market from both a renter and owner perspective, she decided she could make a difference for her friends and fellow owners and in 1999 began the South Maui Condo Owners Direct Rental Network (SMCODRN) - today known as MauiOwnerCondos.com.

Contact Us

Bonnie Pauli
Creator & Web Operations
Ann Arbor, MI
Wailea, Maui, HI
1 (734) 665-2050 (EDT)

Matt Pauli
Director of Operations & Social Media
Cedar Falls, IA
Wailea, Maui, HI
1 (312) 315-4544 (CDT)

Matt brings a back ground in commercial and residential real estate and on-line marketing and social media. He's business acume has been helpful in expanding the reach of this website. In addition to our listings, we offer useful and accurate information on Maui, Maui activities, and Maui events. The MauiOwnerCondos.com blog is a great resource for fresh info on these items as well as resorts we represent, and helpful hints on managing your vacation rental.

This group has been very successful. We are selective, inspecting every unit and only taking those that meet our criteria. We work like a network, sharing resources, information and thoughts on how we want to operate.

Our NEW Plumeria styled LOGO is demonstrative of our Maui Ohana (in Maui culture the Ohana - group/family where no one is left behind and all care for each other. Read about it here! Those using our site have the benefit of knowing that prior to accepting a listing the ownership of each unit has been verified with Maui County and the condition of the condo has been found to be at the top of the line for that complex..

Owners must have a full page listing showing many photos of the condo itself, rates, rental policies and owner contact information. Each condo must also be actively managed by it's owner and owner occupied during part of the year. We count on our members to provide up to date and accurate information in your listing with us and will not renew members who don't keep their calendar and rates on our site up to date

Our concept was well received. As you can see by our Group Availability Calendar, the condos have exceptionally high occupancy rates and a large number or returning rentals. Owners tell us what a difference we've made to their bookings and renters compliment us on our easy to use informative site and the willingness of our owners to help with area information, finding additional rentals and in general conveing the ALOHA SPIRIT our lovely islands are known for.

The end of 2015 brought many changes to the vacation rental market. Increased regulations, more competition, and consolidation and increased fees among the larger BRANDS to both owners and renters and more. We remain one of the only true BY OWNER directories. Rates are reasonable for renters and vr owners. Why should a renter need to pay large fees to a directory to find the best condo for their Hawaiian holiday? Owners should not have their reviews, correspondence and contact information of renters wishing to stay at their condo held hostage by a large conglomerate. With owners and renters looking for other options, we have been requested to expand our market to West Maui and even Kauai and the Big Island.

Our Rates:

A membership, yearly dues based organization, we like to think of ourselves as an Ohana of like minded owners all of whom contribute to our success. We share names of resources, recommend each other, and take pleasure in talking about the group in travel and other forums, Twitter, Facebook etc. We have active blog, email & ad campaigns. The more our owners help get the word out, the lower our rates can stay.

  1. $360.00 Our Intro year rate is due once we all agree the property & listing are ready for display. In addition an inspection fee ($50 paid directly to our inspector) is required of all Properties. The inspection does not guarantee membership or rating qualification but you will receive our comprehensive form noting areas needing to be addressed prior to membership/rating should you not qualify immediately.
  2. After the introductory year, yearly fees are $350 plus the cost of one-half* night low season rental for your property. *(If rentals rate is $700 or more, rental rate is capped at $700). Membership will continue with annual billings. It is the owner's responsibility to notify us if they do not wish to renew prior to the renewal date else fees will be accrued to date of notification.
  3. SAMPLE: If your low season rate for 7 or more nights is $270/night your yearly rate would be $350 + 135 (.5*270) = $485/yr

Let's Get Started

Ready to join? Here's how to get started. Remember - you are under no financial obligation until you decide you want to join and we have determined the suitability of your condo.

logo symbol only

The Plumeria in our logo uses symbols, colours, and styles that work together to form a complete design that shouts ideals of togetherness, trust, and exuberance, encapsulating the visions of Maui Owner Condos.

Condos in our Makena-Wailea, Kihei-Maalaea and West Maui Kaanapali groups may CREATE an ACCOUNT by going to the following link:  MauiOwnerCondos.com/owner/register.php/

Once you have registered (be sure to write down your user name and pw), you will be given the opportunity to login and then taken  to your personal OWNER RESOURCES PAGE. To see the full functionality of our site, you must enter your condo into our database so choose the link to MANAGE PROPERTY LISTINGS and enter your condo info. 

None of this info is "live on line" but it is available for you to edit and preview. Feel free to email me with questions

Please note, we may limit new rentals in any complex to help our current owners fill their calendars. We have also found that owners in resorts with a minimum of 3-4 listings do much better than those with fewer listings. At this time we are not taking on new resorts unless at least 3 units wish to join. Some requests for Contact name, phone, email etc may seem redundant from the registration section but many owners have different contact info for their condo rentals than for their personal and business info. The info you enter in this section will be public, on the Internet once you join and become active. The info in the previous (OWNER INFO) section is private.

The listing info being requested is more detailed than in the past and more similar to that requested by the larger directories. You don't need to add all of it at once but some info is required. The information will be put into a template that has been proven effective in providing information that renters need and want when making decisions about condos to rent. Long before VRBO and other directory sites had a useful one page template, we had ours. Today this format has been adopted by most listing directories and renters seem to prefer it to individual sites. They are familiar with it and it's wide use helps legitimatize the rental. You are welcome to link it to your own website as well.

We are a proven resource for owners who wish to take a more active roll in their vacation rentals. We look forward to welcoming you to our group. I am always available for more information should you wish to call or email. 

Bonnie & Matt

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