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Jun 14 2020
Cleaning guidance during Covid-19 Maui Owner Condos

COVID-19 Cleaning and Guest Support Guidance

by Maui Owner Condos
Welcome Home to MAUI!!  A very Safe place to be. Hawaii already has a very low instance of virus, but now we want you to know the extra steps we have taken to insure your Maui home is a safe haven. Read our enhanced cleaning statement, cleaning guidance & guest support during COVID-19 for our MOC Ohana. We encourage Guests & Staff to show their Aloha and follow safe practices to help us maintain this safe record.
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Mar 22 2020
covid-19 virus

COVID-19 Support & MOC We are in this together!

by Maui Owner Condos
Covid-19 is affecting short term rentals and your vacation plans, We are trying to help. This post describes how our Ohana is handling issues related to Coronavirus and discusses sharing the burden. Maui Owner Condos has supported owners & renters for more than 20 years...
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May 08 2020
keawakapu beach

Time on Maui During a Self-Quarantine

by Maui Owner Condos
Think of Maui as a great location for a longer stay - especially now since so many can work & school from home. This post describes how our Ohana preparing for the ending of non-essential travel restrictions but anticipating some mandatory quarantine orders.
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Mar 23 2020
9 Tips to Help You Safely Book a Maui Vacation Rental on-line by Maui Owner Condos

10 Tips to help You safely book a Maui Vacation Rental on-line

by Maui Owner Condos
Are you planning your Maui vacation but a bit unsure about how the vacation rental booking process works? We’ve come up with the following tips to help you safely book your maui vacation rental on-line as you explore your accommodation options for your dream vacation on Maui.
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Feb 16 2020
Beth Cooper Art

Where to Buy Great Art on Maui

by Maui Owner Condos
I love art but most of my Maui art ends up decorating my vacation rental condos. I get a lot of questions from my guests about where I bought a particular piece, or if they could find the artist, etc. So I thought I’d put together a quick list of my “go to” places to find great art on Maui.
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Nov 22 2018
Wailea restaurant Review Manolis Pizza Company by Maui Owner Condos

Wailea Restaurant Review: Manoli’s Pizza Company

by Maui Owner Condos
After a few months of renovations and menu planning, Manoli’s Pizza Company has opened in Wailea, just above the Shops of Wailea. Manoli’s has big shoes to fill as they take over the location left by Matteo’s after they closed down in the Spring of 2012 to focus on family.
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Nov 22 2018
When is the Best Time to Visit Maui by Maui Owner Condos

When is the best time to visit Maui

by Maui Owner Condos
I am often asked, “When is the best time to visit Maui?” The answer is both simple and complicated: it depends. Personally I never think there is a bad time to come to Valley Isle, but the reality is, what are you looking for in particular on your Maui vacation? Answer this question, and then you’ll know exactly when to come to Maui.
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Nov 22 2018
Purchasing a Maui Vacation Rental Read This Before You Buy by Maui Owner Condos

Purchasing a Maui Vacation Rental?

by Maui Owner Condos
My husband and I first stepped into the Maui, Hawaii vacation rental condo business in 1999 when we wanted help carrying the cost of our new condo at Wailea Ekahi Village and then again the next year when we bought a second condo at Maui Kamaole (which is the Kihei property that seems to me to give the feel of higher end Wailea).
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Nov 22 2018
Golf on Maui is one of the Best Maui Activities by Maui Owner Condos

Golf on Maui is one of the best Maui Activities

by Maui Owner Condos
I thought it would be a perfect time to talk a little about golf on Maui. As we all know, Maui has perfect weather year round (the high temps range from 80 – 89 depending on the month) so it is very easy to pack your sticks and play a few rounds while on vacation on Maui.
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Nov 22 2018
Best Poke on Maui by Maui Owner Condos

Best Poke on Maui

by Maui Owner Condos
Poke (poke-ay) means “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces”. It consists of small chunks of raw marinated fish, very popular here in Hawaii. It typically is served as part of a ‘poke bowl’, sticky rice on the bottom with a few different types of marinated poke and seaweed salad on top.
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Nov 21 2018
Last Day on Maui, what to do? by Maui Owner Condos

Last Day on Maui, what to do?

by Maui Owner Condos
It’s your last day on Maui, what to do? Luckily, there are still some great ideas and options while you are on the Valley Isle. About 1/3 of guests leave Maui on a late-night flight. With a 10 or 11am check-out, this means that you spend your final day on Maui homeless which is a bit of a downer.
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Oct 03 2018
When it rains on Maui by Maui Owner Condos

What to do on Maui when it rains

by Maui Owner Condos
With an average annual rainfall total of 8-11 inches, this is pretty true. Kihei/Wailea lay on the desert side of Maui, in Haleakala’s rain shadow. Most of the rain arrives from the North East. However, every now and then a storm will approach from the South or Southwest and that’s when we get some rain.
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State of Hawaii SAFE TRAVELS Website

To comply with the 14 day quarantine and pre-testing programs, travelers to Hawaii are asked to create an account.  This website will help you through the process to prepare for your trip. If you are required to quarantine and are paying for your accommodation you must stay in a hotel. More details coming on how to avoid quarantine beginning AUG !, 2020 with pre-travel COVID testing

Safe Travels Website

State of Hawaii Department of Health

State of Hawai’i Inter-island Travel Form

State to launch COVID-19 pre-travel testing program for out-of-state travelers August 1

SEPT 1 - Trans Pacific travelers can avoid Mandatory 14 Day quarantine with Test

Beginning Thursday, March 26 all individuals, both residents and visitors, arriving or returning to the State of Hawaii will be subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine. The mandate applies to all arrivals at state airports from the continental U.S. and international destinations and extends to other private and commercial aircrafts. Beginning September 1, 2020  (origianlly Aug 1) these travelers can avoid the quarantine if they provide proof of negative test result from a valid COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to their arrival,  CVS pharmacies are pairing with HI to offer tests and report results. This section will continue to update – 

Travel Instructions

Quarantine Instructions

9th Supplimentary Proclamation

Improved Verification Process for Incoming Passingers

Please note, at this time Vacation Rentals (ie accommodations offering stays of less  than 180 days) are allowed to accept guests NOT REQUIRING QUARANTINE. Vehicles may not be rented to anyone subject to the 14 day mandatory quarantine.  Exemptions may be requestioned. Please read Quarantine Instructions above. 


June 1, 2020 Governor Ige replaced “Safer-at-Home” with new “Act with Care” order for residents and visitors  during COVID-19 crisis. Re-Opening has begun

Recovery Navigator – State of Hawaii

Beginning June 1 Maui Mayor Victorino opens most businesses which must follow State guidelines

9th Supplementary Emergency Proclamaiton – Re-Opening/Recovery Plan

June 12 Mayor’s Press conference slides – allows TVRs to open for non quarantine guests, lists other activites that are allowed to open and coronavirus charts for Maui

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