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How Do You Express? Facing Crucial Circumstance

How Do You Express Yourself When You In Nervous or When You Are In Sudden Conditions?

Express what you feel just the right way, not only creatively but also persuasively. Everyone would face a situation to be foolish talking/expressing when we are in the point moment because of nervous or others.

Can’t Better Express What You Want to Say? 4 Ways to Solve.

how do you express?

1.Slow down when you express your opinion, you thoughts and your mind. Leave time to give your listeners more information about what you are experiencing just say. And observe their face,eyes and their behaviors whether someone would like to say something, or whether they really understand what you really express.

2. Keep in vulnerable position. Before you express what your wants, it’s important to speak it out in the vulnerable lauguage,not directly. Remember not to speak them in an entitled manner, which seems like you are demanding something, and never using words like “I deserve.”

While, you don't need to overly explain or apologize for what you’re saying. Someone may feel guilty or ashamed to simply state what they want. But please don't. Because remaining open and honest without getting sidetracked or back-stepping is better, people will understand and konw what you say easier and more acceptable.

For example, use express in rational—one common feeling like this - “I want to be accepted and loved by you no matter what I do or what mistakes I make.”

3. Never use victimized words. This is important principle. Someone may ask for what they want in a childish way after they are failing to be understand. This should be call a "punishment" way, some kind like the demand what you are "entitled" to. In this way, the person who not understand you will give a bad feedback and expression on you.

So it is important to Sosteer clear of speaking in victimized ways or childish ways when you express what you want. Not express like a demand for what you “need”, but an dependent adult and feeling depends on your partner giving you what you need, and such express words should be an authentic.

4. Use "I/We" instead of “You” statements. Are you ever exprience saying, “You don’t ..." or, "You’re always ...”, "You should know..." and some words like that. And you may think it is quite okay to say in that way. Yes, your partner would receive you feedback easy, but in an offense way. They may misunderstand you as a stream of complaints. Then you have no idea why they move far away from you, instead of gaining a closer relationship.

So you Use "I/We" tone is better, for example:

“I want to feel loved by you.”

“I want your undestand.”

“I want to stay closer with you.”

“I want to feel I am being listened.”

This way will clear express out your feeling and let others better accept what you feels. Better understanding toward your, and receive anticipated reaction from others.

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Written by Landy.

  • bassouma souma Says: Thanks vey much, I am poor in expression.
  • Retag Yasser Says: Wow. BOLD! I have tried to being listened, by using your tips like ‘I or We statement’, and ‘in vulnerable language'. And i must say it really feels good after I did it.
  • Eilidh McHale Says: Appreciate the authenticity and frankness expression way.
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