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Trip Planning: How to drive Safely on Maui
Find Deals on Cars for Rent On Maui.
Learn where to go for SUVs and Convertibles.

OGG - The Airport | Where to Rent | AVIS | ALOHA | Driving Tips

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KAHULUI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - OGG (1 Kahului Airport Road, Kahului, HI 96732-2395 | (808) 872-3830)
Kahului Airport has two terminals--a main terminal and a commuter terminal.

Upon arriving on Maui at Kahului International Airport's main terminal (OGG), come on down the escalator to Baggage Claim. This is a real, island setting with tropical breezes wafting through. There is plenty of seating around planters and a Starbucks - great for the 20-30 minute wait you may have when flying in from outside the Hawaiian islands.

Traveler Information, Shuttles and Cabs have Kiosks here. Rental Car Kiosks are outside at the west end of the baggage area (on your left when facing turnstiles). Bathrooms are currently being remodeled.

Baggage turnstiles 1-2 on the west side of the area are for "local flights" on Hawaiian Air. Bags here come very quickly. IF you had a long wait in Honolulu when changing plans - it's possible your bags arrived before you so look around the turnstile along the wall. Should you be missing a bag, the various airlines have helpful folks available for filing a claim. Check the perimeter of the area near the exits.


Phase one of the new access road to the airport has been completed, but at this time we don't recommend trying to use it coming from the airport if you are heading to Kihei and Wailea as there is not enough time to get safely from the left lane as you turn onto Hana/Haleakala Hwy to the right lane for the turn onto the new access road.

Stay patiently on Dairy road. There is a new intersection at the New Airport Access Road. Take a right if your're heading to Maalaea or the West Side, continue straight (or take a right and then left onto 311 if you're headed to the south side) and then take a right on Ho'olele Rd just past Home Depot. Take the second left after passing Target onto Mokulele Hwy. Should you wish to avoid the congestion on Dairy road you can make that left turn from Dairy Rd onto Hana Hwy, but pass the light at the new access road and turn right at the light onto Ho'okele Rd. Our Map shows the route options available.


Rental Cars on Maui can be picked up at the airport (or near by in Kahului), at some hotels, at rental car offices in Kihei or West Maui. When renting at the airport you will pay an extra airport facility fee. All rental cars on Maui are now subject to a $3.00 per day Highway Surcharge fee. Have a late arrival? Save those airport facility taxes, take a cab or shuttle to your condo or hotel and pick up the car there.

The South Maui Condo Owners Direct Rental Network has a relationship with both Avis Car Rentals and Al West's Aloha Rent A Car - Maui Vans.. Mention we sent you and receive a discount from Aloha or use the Avis link in this section for great discounts from Avis. We have found both these companies to be reliable. Still, as in any resort area, it is best to check several companies each time you book as rates change daily.


Avis offers the option of Airport pick up or local pick up in Kihei or the Wailea Diamond Resort Hotel. Late arrival? Avoid the airport hassel and take a cab or shuttle to your condo. The Kihei office can arrange to bring your vehicle to you. Be sure to use our ARC/IATA number when making any reservation.

With a large fleet, convenient service, competitive pricing and alliances with many airline frequent flyer clubs, this inter-national company is a good bet to service your needs. Good pricing too - use our codes below when you call Avis or click on the logo below to use their website to make your reservation.

Click Here To Book With Avis!

IATA/ARC No: 0158045D and Rate Code: P2 with AWD: H461412
Toll free: 800-962-1434
Local Kihei & Wailea: 808-874-4077

JUST IN!!! Use our link above to access the Avis Reservation page and select a vehicle. You'll like our rates.

Prefer to call? Give our ARC/IATA: 0158045D and H461412 AWD for the best rates.

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Al West's ALOHA RENT A CAR - Maui Vans:

Locally owned with often some of the best rates on the island, this company's office is 5 minutes from the airport so they avoid those heavy airport taxes. These cars are older but clean inside though they may sport a few scratches out side. They also offer Jeeps, newer minivans, convertibles, PT Cruisers, & Club Wagons.

Aloha offers curb side pick-up (often in your vehicle) at the airport baggage claim. Many types of vehicles: Compact, Mid Size, Mini Van, Van and Jeep. All cars have 4 doors and A/C. Pricing is based on the age of the vehicle. Recentely purchased by Al West's Vans - you can now get surf vans too. Be sure to ask for newer mini vans if you don't want a beat up "surf" one.

For those of you with late arrivals, Aloha offers the ability for you to pick up your vehicle in the airport parking lot ($10 charge). For those with pre booked reservations, keys and instructions are available at the Taxi stand near the other airport car rental booths.

Don't forget to mention the South Maui Condos Owner Rental Network to get your Condominium Discount. If booking on line, please enter "South Maui Condos MOC referral" in the special instructions box.

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Al West's Aloha rent-a-car Maui
Toll free: 877-45- ALOHA (877-452-5642)
Local: 808-877-4477

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Tips for Driving on Maui?

Maui is a slower pace and even driving reflects this. Speeding is frowned on. If traffic is heavy, it's not unusual for a local to stop and let another car access the road. LOCAL RULE - you must STOP for PEDESTRIANS in a cross walk

Gas is very expensive here (but you don't have far to drive :-) Cheapest gas for vacationers is at COSTCO near airport.

It always takes longer to get to HANA than the guide books say!!!

NEVER drive from Wailuku to Kaanapali around the north side of the West Maui Mountains. This road is even more dangerous than the road to Hana. If you want to see the sights in this area drive FROM Ka'anapali to Wailuku - that way if you meet an unexpected vehicle, your car won't be the one to go over the cliff - you'll just deal with the mountain! This road is narrow. Please be careful.

It is a long drive to Hana from Paia but many enjoy stops along the way for hiking, waterfalls, etc. Get the Road to Hana CD (and great guide books) in our Amazon store and find those hidden spots easily. The road around the island from Hana heading south west turns up the mountain. You'll find yourself Upcountry! Great views, food, etc.

Another great way to see the island is to hire a driver. Vans with meals included or a private SUV will insure you see exactly what you want safely. Our CONCIERGE can arrange such a driver for you. Just tell Sandi and her staff we sent you.

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